How to Become a Paramedic in Ohio

Ohio Paramedic

Good job on choosing to be a registered paramedic! As you set about, you should discover the fundamental specifications in order to become a qualified paramedic technician.

Licensed Paramedic Technician Essentials

  • You are required to turn in your finished application.
  • Be sure that you arrange for the payment of all related costs
  • Properly finish education from an accredited paramedic coaching institution
  • Agree to undergo a background check
  • Obtain personal insurance

Aside from the preceding requirements, Ohio features the following supplemental requirements you need to additionally meet:

Other Requirements that May Be Helpful

  • Driver’s License
  • Letters of recommendation from persons who have knowledge of your experience in Emergency Services
  • Good physical health
  • Good written and verbal communication skills (you may have to submit a written interview form)

To learn more, most notably applications and forms, ensure you contact the Ohio Emergency Medical Services website.

How Much Money Would an EMT-P Make?

The average Emergency Medical Technician Paramedic yearly wage for somebody being employed in the state of Ohio is about $40,000. Reported by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, work within the emergency medical services world is expected to keep growing, by no less than thirty-three percent between 2012 to 2020. A position as an EMT-P will provide you the opportunity to operate in unique settings. This ongoing growth will result in new job openings for EMT-Paramedics, which makes this a terrific career to pursue.

Paramedic Technician Training & Formal Education Regulations

  • Training to become a paramedic is based on the NHTSA EMT Paramedic curriculum
  • Before getting started with your EMT-P education, make sure you obtain training from an approved training facility.
  • Check out this training brochure on how to become an EMT in Ohio.

To become a registered EMT-P technician, there are specific instruction and learning standards you need to comply with. A generic expectation is basically that you will need to obtain formal schooling from an accredited academic institution, achieve national certification, and also proof of your own insurance coverage. In cases where you were previously licensed as an EMT-P in a different state, chances are you may (or may not) have the option to have that license transferred to your present state. In spite of this, since guidelines will differ by state, you should definitely review the content mentioned above relating to the state of Ohio.

In your EMT-Paramedic schooling, you’ll find out proven tips for using many emergency medical services devices, including electrical machines, hand-operated tools, and medical kits that can help with supplying medical treatment. Based on the kind of paramedic technician you want to become, your preparation could vary. Besides undergoing formalized training, you will also gain knowledge of what relevant skills will be helpful to become a fantastic paramedic.

Many of these qualifications vary by state, and in some cases within that state’s towns and counties. Please make certain you consult with your own state, city, or county well before carrying on with your plans of becoming a paramedic.

We really hope the data given at can help you as carry on along your paramedic professional career path.  There’s so much more to learn, make sure you read some additional articles on the requirements for becoming a paramedic.

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